Ascension Bay, Yucatan. January 2016

Headed south to Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula for some days in the sun. Worked with my friends at Yellow Dog Fishing ( and they hooked my wife Mary and I up with the Pesca Maya Lodge. We fished Ascension Bay. The vision that the guides have for spotting bonefish is absolutely amazing. The weather was warm with broken clouds and the winds moderate. January is not high season, but we saw a good number of bones, some snook, baracuda. No permit or tarpon. We landed six fish which is considered moderate success. If I had been able to spot fish sooner and cast with an appropriate lead, probably there would have been a few more bones and a snook. I had purchased a number of bonefish flies from Stone River Fly Shop ( in Bedford, NH. Those guys were very helpful and “right on” with several choices. Rod choices for the day were Sage Saltwater 8 wt’s with floating line and 9′ Rio Floro leaders. Hatch reels certainly helped slow down those incredible runs. I have learned more about bone fishing since my return. Mary and I spent some time with Dick Brown ( at the Marlborough Fly Fishing Show. He is a great presenter. We have purchased and read his book Fly Fishing for Bonefish. The book Steve & Ross Ascension Bay 2016contains an incredible amount of useful information. The second book that has provided a huge amount of info is Do It Yourself Bonefishing ( by Rod Hamilton. As I said, I have hopefully absorbed some learning for future fishing from the vast experience of these two authors. Anyway, Mayan ruins and Mexican bonefishing! We have the bug, and are planning on returning next year.